Demo Volume 2 Recorded on a four-track, these tracks are presented in chronological order with the exception that track 10 and 11 are swapped. All are mono, except 04, which was recorded with a stereo microphone. All original compositions except the two Beck covers. Track 01 is an experiment using a hardware synthesizer which is being controlled by a computer sequencer. The hardware synthesizer is modulated in realtime in the recording. Track 02 is a cover of a Beck song from his album "One Foot In The Grave". Track 03 was inspired by a tutorial from a 'bookazine' about virtual synthesizers. Track 04 is another Beck cover from "One Foot In The Grave". Track 05 ... what can I say? Some midi lounge for you. Track 06 is an experiment in creating a reggae type song. It is slightly inspired by my friend and collaborator Spencer Owen. Track 07 is inspired by a Cachao song. Track 08 is where I began to use the UCreate music toy on this cassette. Some of the music is from the pre-built loops, but I also overdubbed additional tracks. Track 09 is a live manipulation of a promotional record using the same UCreate music toy. Track 10 is something I recorded before work one day. It is pitched down in post production. Track 11 is the last UCreate experiment. This is the jam! Track 12 differs from the rest of the demo thus far. It is a nice conclusion, which was cut off by the end of the tape.
Demo Vol-2 - 01.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 02.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 03.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 04.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 05.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 06.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 07.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 08.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 09.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 10.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 11.mp3        
Demo Vol-2 - 12.mp3        
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