My Sound World Tracklist: 1. Wonderful World Shit 3:06 2. What's Your Philosphy 1:59 3. The Fan (performed by Mike Rekevics) 0:28 4. Song For My Father (w/ Julio Lacayo and Chris Caceres) 4:35 5. Clave 2:58 6. Track 1 (distorted) 1:50 7. Sabor Ami (by Trio Los Panchos) 1:56 8. First Act Harp Glock 1:38 9. 01032000 083818 edited 0:46 10. Part Invention #1 (by Bach) 2:17 11. Beatbox 3:36 12. Power Adaptor Synth 6:11 13. Gardener edited 5:32 14. I give up (goodtake, by QUASI, performed w/ Ronny Kerr) 0:43 15. Thank You 2:42 16. Yamaha Rx17 Rendered 1:30 17. Track 2 (high bass) 2:29 18. Freedom Jazz Dance (by Eddi Harris, w/ B.Allen & J.Clark) 0:40 19. The World compressed 0:04 Total...................................................................45:00 Liner Notes: The album is a reflection of my changing outlook towards sound and music. It is about experimenting with and embracing of all sounds. It is about degrees of composition - some tracks are composed songs, other are recorded sounds, some contain musical improvisation, some tracks are renditions of songs composed by other artists, some tracks are played with other musicians, another track is about learning to play an instrument, and one was created with loops on a Sega Dreamcast. Together this is a collection of sounds that I hear and create. Uniquely, they form my sound identity or my sound world. This release is also the fruit of a challenge to create a 45-minute 20-track album in a few months. It is technically my third album. It's dedicated to whomever it may concern. 2007
01 Wonderful World Shit.mp3                                    
02 What's Your Philosophy.mp3                                  
03 The Fan (performed by Mike Rekevics).mp3                    
04 Song For My Father (w_ Julio Lacayo and Chris Caceres).mp3  
05 Clave.mp3                                                   
06 Track 1 (distorted).mp3                                     
07 Sabor Ami (by Trio Los Panchos).mp3                         
08 First Act Harp Glock.mp3                                    
09 01032000 083818 edited.mp3                                  
10 2 Part Invention 1 (by Bach).mp3                            
11 Beatbox.mp3                                                 
12 Power Adaptor Synth.mp3                                     
13 Gardener edited.mp3                                         
14 I give up (goodtake, by QUASI, performed w_ Ronny Kerr).mp3 
15 Thank you.mp3                                               
16 Yamaha Rx17 Rendered.mp3                                    
17 Track 2 (high bass).mp3                                     
19 The World compressed.mp3